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Backpack Health

Sometimes health information can feel scattered and out of reach. Backpack Health makes it easy for individuals to manage, own and share health information for themselves and their families. I was part of the product team that worked to scope, design, build and ship the Backpack Health experience across iOS, Android and Web.

Bring all of your health information together

The foundation of Backpack Health is the ability for users to add and manage their health information. Leveraging a robust medical database we designed an input system that accepts a wide variety of health entry types, from Conditions and Medications to Allergies and Genetics. Within those health entries users can add specific details like date and anatomy, as well as explanatory information like comments, providers and attachments. The following presents our MVP release for the Labs & Measurements health entry type.

Manage your loved ones’ health information.

Families are defined in many ways, Backpack Health provides caregivers with the ability to co-manage loved ones’ Backpacks, as well as their own. Users can share access to their own Backpack profile, or one of the additional profiles in their Backpack. Profiles are authored to the cloud in real-time, so everyone stays in the loop. The following walks through Shared Profile Access for a family.

Engage Communities

Backpack Health’s enterprise and community tools allows foundations, drug and device developers and advocacy groups to easily collect up-to-date data from patients. Surveys are one way foundations collect information from patient communities. Patients grow their own health information while simultaneously contributing to research. All patient communities have different needs, the following is a general framework for Surveys within Backpack.

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