Bridging people and nature

Living Building

Seattle's buildings produce about one-third of the city's greenhouse gases. The Living Building Challenge (LBC), among other initiatives, are being piloted to reduce emissions and achieve the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. RMB Vivid was tasked to conceptualize a digital lobby experience to be included as part of a construction proposal. The experience acts as part tenant directory, building wayfinding and data visualizations for LBC benchmarks. The following work focuses on the process to visualize those benchmarks.

Performance benchmarks

The LBC framework employs seven performance areas, or "petals". Our initial concept focused on three of those areas:
Water–building will capture and treat all water on site.
Energy–building will generate more energy than they use.
Materials–Building is constructed using healthy materials.

Bringing the outside in

All living things tell have a story to tell, time is important to the living building. While the performance benchmarks are updated in real-time, visitors have the ability to view those benchmarks over weeks, months, and years. We challenged ourselves to draw from the natural environment to create a UI that was connected, functional and could present a unique narrative. River stones shifting, trees rings growing, and heatmaps provide the sense of a living, breathing space.

Bringing it all together

There are also more granular metrics within each of the petals. For example within Energy we can drill into Heating, Cooling, Glazing, Lighting, and Movement. 

Navigate the prototype through provided hotspots, or by using your keyboard arrows.