Connecting people, place, and ideas


Each year CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) is rebranded to promote new developments in the community as well as highlight the conference location. The following project was chosen to represent the conference in Vancouver, BC.

Research and Ideation

The first step was to explore the theme 'Connecting...'. What does it mean to us now, what could it mean in 10 years? Can it be a simple emotion or physical presence? Mood boards were proposed with visuals of what it means to Connect. 

The ideation phase began by drawing from bridge/cable systems, mostly rendering physical connections on a mass scale. Visualizing the bleeding line between technology, landscape and people.

Dynamic identities and sketching with technology

Working with After Effects, Cinema 4D, Quartz Composer and Processing, I explored the idea of a dynamic identity that is ever changing within a set of rules to maintain continuity. Could we give the attendees the opportunity to play and reinforce the theme of Connecting in digital applications of the system (e.g. website, room signage).

Identity Development

Type studies combined with the digital sketches drove the identity into the next phase of development.

Chance Photography

With a logo lockup, typography and graphic assets chosen, there was a layer of depth and texture missing to really cement the identity to the conference and location. Using a process called 'Chance Photography' where you cut, copy and rearrange the code of a jpeg, I explored these chance photographs with images provided by Tourism Vancouver. These studies were used as inspiration when creating the final deliverables.

Final Application

The final system incorporated elements of generative art, chance photography and type design to express the CHI 2011 theme of Connecting and the conference location, Vancouver, B.C. Deliverables produced for the conference included a postcard mailer, poster, website, environment displays, t-shirt, and booklet. Along with standard collateral I also produced motion sequences which were projected in the great hall and displayed on signage at the breakout room entrances.