A gathering place

Discover South Lake Union

In the heart of Seattle, the South Lake Union neighborhood has undergone a complete transition to focus on walkability, public transportation and sustainable construction. The neighborhood now thrives with businesses, residents, bars & restaurants. RMB Vivid was asked to introduce a new community website to support those who call SLU home.

Connecting people and place

The site focuses on three main content areas. A map for visitors to find what they need and view business details. A calendar to see what's happening in the community and when. And stories to wrap all that together in rich context.

Content as navigation

With our pillar framework we set out to design an experience where all the content was accesible through other content. From the map a vistor could view business details. From there they could view stories about that business. While reading the story they could view a mentioned calendar event. The more we can link, the more we can create relationships and strengthen the entire commnunity.

A place to showcase

The visual design is really a simple skin, with the intention to let the content sing. Beatuful imagery showcases the people, activities and places that make SLU so alive.

Visit SLU

Discover for yourself what makes South Lake Union so great.