Building a better you

Microsoft Health

Microsoft Health was the companion dashboard to the Microsoft Band activity tracker. The dashboard allowed users of the Band to download and analyze their data, as well as plan and take upcoming actions through their Band.

Taking action

Our team's main focus was introducing the concept of Action Plans. Action Plans are collections of activities, some simple, some harder, that worked together to allow the customer to reach their overall health goals, both in fitness and sleep. A user could build an Action Plan by adding activity cards to their timeline, which would in-turn feed back into their Band through alerts and actions. 

Scroll to view the entire page. Toggle the views by clicking "My progress" / "My timeline" or your keyboard's arrow keys.

Visualizing achievements

We used a combination of illustration, motion and data to define a scale of goal achievements. These were run (once) each time data was refreshed on the site and filled the surrounding progress bar.

Extending Action Plans

Instances of the Action Plan were then rolled out across the site and drove the data visualization, always working back to achieving the users health goals.