Virtual keyboard for iOS

Word Flow

Lead the Visual and UI Motion Design for Word Flow, iOS keyboard extension app. Reached #2 on the iOS app store and received the "Editor's Choice" award from Apple. Forbes wrote "Attractive And Useful: Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard For iOS Sets A New High Bar."

Search Integration featuring Task Icons

Word Flow is first and foremost a keyboard. Search functionality should not get in the way of the core input experience. We developed a new entry point for search; a quick swipe on the candidate window is both easy and intentional for the user. Along with the manual search, we also developed Intelligent Task Icons. These icons trigger in the flow of text input, allowing users to add contextual information, such as GIFs, Contacts, Businesses and more, quickly without searching.

Engaging Results

Users could start by selecting a vertical to search within, Emoji, Image, GIF or by filtering the verticals after a keyword input. We also looked at options to display search results in keyboard, above the keyboard and full screen. Balanicng making the most of the search functionality while retaining chat context.

Personal and Beautiful

Sharp imagery and bright colors highlight the featured Word Flow themes, while a quick and powerful Theme Creator allows users to design their own unique input experience.